Friday, 22 November 2013

A Warm Winter Haven

Sleet and ice is predicted in the next two weeks; and the North West is forecasted to be covered in a blanket of white snow; which will soon transform into slippery black slush. People need to be extra-vigilant on the roads and make sure that they have enough petrol in their cars for long journeys as there will no doubt be delays on the roads; especially motorways. Flooding causes huge tailbacks and can make hordes of disgruntled motorists late for meetings and important appointments. If you are one of the unfortunate individuals who are forced to rely on public transport, then you could be in even bigger trouble as buses, trams and trains can be severely affected by fluctuating weather conditions; and may not even run at all. If there are leaves on the line or the cables are frozen then it is a guaranteed certainty that there will be massive delays and you may not even be able to get into the office as it could prove an impossible feat. You are already stressed enough having to trudge through the pouring rain and avoid getting soaked by passing traffic; so maybe it is time to take a break in the Lakes for a few days.

The Cherry Garth Hotel in picturesque Ambleside is an absolutely stunning building; framed by leafy, abundant foliage. It makes for the perfect autumnal and winter scene as it looks ever so pretty all year round. When the seasons change; this lovely Ambleside B&B transforms into the most ideal summer home, springtime retreat, Advent setting and Bonfire Night haven. Since Guy Fawkes’ Night has passed and we are getting everything ready for Christmas, there seems to be a little bit of despondency amongst harassed individuals who cannot get a moment’s peace and feel that the weight of the world is upon their shoulders. Some ‘me time’ is long overdue; and Ambleside accommodation provides the perfect getaway. People flock from far and wide to relax and unwind in comfortable, homely Ambleside accommodation and there are numerous guesthouses in the region that are more than keen to give you a traditional Cumbrian welcome and make you feel completely at ease. Bed and breakfast Ambleside is proving to be a hugely popular choice amongst tourists and they always ensure that they check the Lake District Tourist Guide before making their final decision. If you want a little bit of advice and guidance regarding which bed and breakfast Ambleside establishment would best suit your needs then just get in touch with us via our online enquiry form. Alternatively; you could always visit us online at

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