Friday, 4 October 2013

A Lovely Little Lodge in the Lakes

Picture the scene; you are relaxing after a long day’s walking in the Lake District and decide to partake in another glass of bubbly as it would be rude not to! You are safely ensconced in one of the most comfortable, spacious and roomy lodges in the Lake District and feel completely at home. With plush surroundings and delightful décor; luxury lodges in the Lake District are proving to be extremely popular amongst families, couples and groups of friends all looking for a relaxing retreat. It is everyone’s dream to get away from it all and unwind as the stresses and strains of your day-to-day routine can all get a little too much sometimes. You have to take some time out for yourself and look after number one. A lot of ladies love the luxury of a spa, whilst their partners love a few rounds on the golf course; not forgetting the all-important 19th hole, of course! Others prefer complete peace and solitude and want to watch the world go by with a good book and a cup of tea.

It all depends on personal preferences of course; but what the Lake District Tourist Guide does know for sure is that holidays in the Lake District create long-lasting, unforgettable memories which will be treasured forever. Family-friendly accommodation in Windermere is ideal for little ones and elderly people alike as all ages will enjoy getting a bit of fresh air and escaping to the countryside for a week. Town centres are filled with busy commuters and hordes of shoppers and you have to fight your way through the crowds to board an overly-packed bus on a regular basis; which is a thoroughly unpleasant experience. This is why holidays in the Lake District are such a good idea. The only sounds you will be able to hear are sweet birdsong and the wind gently whistling through the trees as opposed to drilling and banging from the workmen outside.

Why not take a little time to consult the comprehensive Lake District Tourist Guide if you want to pick up some inspired ideas about where to go and what to do during your stay? You can also get in touch with us online if you are interested in finding out more about why lodges are a feasible alternative to the more common hotels and B&B’s in Windermere; of which there are many.

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