Friday, 9 August 2013

Taste the Difference

You have spent many a weekend milling around pop up food markets in Manchester sampling all the delights that they have to offer. As well as local delicacies such as black pudding, steak and ale pie and crumbly Lancashire cheese there is also a distinctive Asian influence going on as fusion food has become extremely popular. You often see chefs putting their own distinctive twist on classics like fish and chips, sausage and mash and the humble roast dinner and this can work to their advantage or else be a complete disaster. If you add too much spice to something that is supposed to taste homely and hearty then it may not be to everyone’s taste. Granny’s corned beef hash does not need a whacking great dollop of tabasco smothered all over it and you simply cannot sprinkle a smattering of five spice on something so delicate as a loin of cod as a simple squirt of lemon will suffice. There has been a lot of movement on the fritter front too as you do not just get the usual banana and pineapple fritters on a menu, but instead can opt for sweetcorn, courgette or even tofu, if the fancy takes you. In fact, tofu fritters are extremely popular amongst the veggie community as they are rather yummy and delicious as opposed to the usual fodder of ratatouille, mac n cheese and the ever-so-generic pasta bake.

If you want to go on the culinary journey of a lifetime then why not mosey on up to the Lakes for a real taste of Cumbria? You may have been swayed by the delightful watery world of Windermere, or fallen head over heels in love with Keswick, but what about that lovely little place tucked neatly between Ambleside and Broughton-In-Furness?  The views from Tam Hows should be enough to persuade you to book a B&B Coniston guesthouse as they are absolutely spectacular. B&B Coniston makes a welcome change from holidaying in the Cotswolds or Cornwall and if you need any advice regarding bed and breakfast Coniston just ask The Lake District Tourist Guide as we have all the answers. Orchard Cottage, Lakeland House and Browside B&B are three of the finest bed and breakfast Coniston establishments you are ever likely to find, as you are guaranteed the warmest of welcomes and will never want to leave once you have settled in and got yourself nice and comfy.

The Beech Tree Guest House offers top of the range accommodation Coniston at extremely competitive rates and comes highly recommended by scores of satisfied travellers. Awarded four and a half stars on TripAdvisor, this lovely little hotel is ideal for a romantic break or family getaway. The Lake District Tourist Guide has all the vital info you need about accommodation Coniston, so why not get in touch at and fill out our online enquiry form?  

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