Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Secret Escapes

When the weather takes a turn for the worse and barbecues are banished to the back of the garden until summer comes around again you may feel the effects of the awful conditions which we have to endure. No-one wants to surface out of their warm, snugly bed and have to make their way through the sleet to board a bus filled with other grumpy commuters on a Monday morning. It is one of those annoying little things which we have to endure on a daily basis, unfortunately, and until you have passed your test and amassed enough funds to actually afford a vehicle of your own you are stuck with public transport for the time being. Everyone in the office has been talking about where they have been on their hols, but you are yet to book somewhere as you always leave things until the last minute. Basically; what you are doing is weeding out the most affordable packages which will not cost an absolute fortune and as you do not want to experience endless delays and constant queues at the airport you have decided not to venture abroad this year.
Instead you want to go somewhere which is closer to home but ideally offers something different to a city break, which you normally opt for. As you grow older your tastes change and you do not want to stay out clubbing until four o’clock in the morning as that sort of business is best left to the young ‘uns. Well, the Lake District Tourist Guide has all you could possibly require if you are looking for accommodation Windermere which is situated close to local amenities whilst still being tucked away in a remote place. To be perfectly honest with you; pretty much all B&B’s Windermere are near the world-famous lake and a mere stone’s throw away from the picturesque areas of Ambleside, Grasmere and Keswick.  If you are a keen sailor and love nothing more than to take to the high seas then B&B’s Windermere will be right up your street as the most popular mode of travel is to go via boat if you want to explore the Lakes in more detail. As far as bed and breakfast Windermere is concerned, you can stay in the 7-room Chestnuts Guest House if you want to spend some quality time with your partner or instead opt for Beaumont Guest House for luxury accommodation Windermere which caters for even the heartiest of appetites.
It is a well-known fact that bed and breakfast Windermere centres around one thing; food. The Lakes is fast becoming the culinary capital of the North, as there are many restaurants which have built up an excellent reputation in recent years. L’Enclume in Cartmel, Atelier in Ambleside and Cedar Manor in Windermere are all regarded as being fine dining establishments and have earned themselves rave reviews on TripAdvisor.  For more info regarding WindermereB&B’s all you have to do is get in touch with the Lake District Tourist Guide at Just fill in our online enquiry form and we guarantee that memorable weekend breaks are merely a click away.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Lake District 'Uncovered'

Over the weekend of Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September, the National Trust is running a very special series of events, talks, walks and activities in the Lake District.

The 'Uncovered' weekend, taking place in and around Borrowdale, looks at the influence of the landscape on human creativity.

Generations of poets, painters, musicians and thinkers have been inspired by the landscape of the Lake District. Wordsworth and Coleridge - as well as painters, musicians and even cartographers - were entranced by area’s scenery and captivated by its natural riches.

Retrace their steps on foot and by boat to uncover how this wonderful landscape became their source of inspiration!

For full details, times and locations of all Lake District ‘Uncovered’ events - and to book your place - please visit

Here’s a little introduction to whet your appetite, by National Trust expert Matthew Oates. Matthew is a naturalist with a keen interest in poetic nature. He is a member of the Friends of Coleridge, and was an English scholar at Coleridge’s old school.

Coleridge is not a stuffy character from some distant era, now irrelevant. Great thinkers, especially poets, speak to us not from the past, but from tomorrow.  Coleridge does just that. He thought way ahead of his time, and would perhaps have been more at home in the late 1960s.

Above all, he was - and is - a polymath, and a radical free thinker.  He was a poet, not so much because he wrote poetry (in fact many of his poems were never finished, as he had an appalling track record at completing them, and was even worse at starting them) but because he lived and breathed the poetic life. His values were that of a poet with a firm commitment to the poetic understanding of Nature. He didn’t just sit at a desk writing poetry, in fact he did rather too little of that. 

During his life he was perhaps better known as an orator, for he was an electrifying speaker, when not under the influence of drink, opium or depression (or combinations thereof). A series of lectures he gave in London generated stupendous traffic jams and led to the creation of our first one-way system. He also worked very successfully as a diplomat in Malta and, as a young man, almost became a Unitarian minister. Had he gone into the church, and stayed, he could have transformed the development of Christianity. He moved to Keswick to be near Wordsworth instead. 

At various times of his life he worked as a journalist, though he was not good at filing copy on time (his sense of time was, shall we say, idiosyncratic). It was Coleridge who discovered the Beauty of Buttermere story, interviewing the cad responsible for the young lady’s debauchment just before the bounder was hung in Penrith prison - for impersonating an MP! 

He was, perhaps above all else, a glorious eccentric, scarcely contained by convention, a free spirit who drew few distinctions between the real, physical world and the world of the imagination. He may well have been somewhat bipolar. 

Today we celebrate Coleridge, his vision, his relationship with Nature, and his life and times in the Lake District and beyond. It certainly won’t be boring…

Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Picture-Perfect Retreat

Perfection comes in many different guises. Manchester United’s star striker goes under the moniker ‘Robin van Perfect’ due to his ability to score goals effortlessly and dribble past huge defenders with the greatest of ease. A newly-mown lawn surrounded by leafy shrubbery and colourful flowers is the most idyllic setting for a garden party, especially if you have just purchased brand new outdoor furniture and a gorgeous gazebo to match. What about when you went to the hairdressers last week to get your tresses tousled and they did an absolutely marvellous job of it? You emerged from the salon looking and feeling like a million dollars and your other half was delighted with your new ‘do.

Take a look at this stunning building. This is Sawrey House, situated in the heart of the Lake District. As far as accommodation Ambleside goes, we reckon that you are onto a winner if you decide to book a suite in this fantastic hotel. With a total of 11 guest rooms and a lovely boutique restaurant; bed and breakfast Ambleside does not get better than this! The Lake District Tourist Guide highly recommends that you come here for a weekend away and take in the stunning surroundings and beautiful scenery. The charm of B&B Ambleside lodgings lies in the fact that the area is completely unspoilt and is frequented by travellers desperate for a bit of fresh air as opposed to the smoggy conditions, which they normally have to put up with. This bed and breakfast Ambleside establishment overlooks Esthwaite Water and Grizedale Forest and is ever so peaceful and relaxing. There is a well-stocked, fully licenced bar and the grounds are immaculate. 

You can put your feet up and unwind with a cool beverage in our sumptuous lounge, complete with roaring log fire or enjoy a cup of tea and a yummy scone after a long walk with your four legged friend. B&B Ambleside, Coniston and Windermere is an extremely popular choice amongst individuals looking for something a little bit different as they do not want to have to book somewhere completely remote, but also cannot bear the thought of crowded city centres and unexpected noise from nightclubs at two o’ clock in the morning. Accommodation in Ambleside strikes the perfect balance between getting away from it all whilst still being situated close to local amenities with the opportunity to travel to larger areas such as Lancaster, Kirkby Lonsdale and Kendal. If you want to find out more about bed and breakfast Ambleside then just get in touch with the Lake District Tourist Guide directly at and fill in our online enquiry form.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Taste the Difference

You have spent many a weekend milling around pop up food markets in Manchester sampling all the delights that they have to offer. As well as local delicacies such as black pudding, steak and ale pie and crumbly Lancashire cheese there is also a distinctive Asian influence going on as fusion food has become extremely popular. You often see chefs putting their own distinctive twist on classics like fish and chips, sausage and mash and the humble roast dinner and this can work to their advantage or else be a complete disaster. If you add too much spice to something that is supposed to taste homely and hearty then it may not be to everyone’s taste. Granny’s corned beef hash does not need a whacking great dollop of tabasco smothered all over it and you simply cannot sprinkle a smattering of five spice on something so delicate as a loin of cod as a simple squirt of lemon will suffice. There has been a lot of movement on the fritter front too as you do not just get the usual banana and pineapple fritters on a menu, but instead can opt for sweetcorn, courgette or even tofu, if the fancy takes you. In fact, tofu fritters are extremely popular amongst the veggie community as they are rather yummy and delicious as opposed to the usual fodder of ratatouille, mac n cheese and the ever-so-generic pasta bake.

If you want to go on the culinary journey of a lifetime then why not mosey on up to the Lakes for a real taste of Cumbria? You may have been swayed by the delightful watery world of Windermere, or fallen head over heels in love with Keswick, but what about that lovely little place tucked neatly between Ambleside and Broughton-In-Furness?  The views from Tam Hows should be enough to persuade you to book a B&B Coniston guesthouse as they are absolutely spectacular. B&B Coniston makes a welcome change from holidaying in the Cotswolds or Cornwall and if you need any advice regarding bed and breakfast Coniston just ask The Lake District Tourist Guide as we have all the answers. Orchard Cottage, Lakeland House and Browside B&B are three of the finest bed and breakfast Coniston establishments you are ever likely to find, as you are guaranteed the warmest of welcomes and will never want to leave once you have settled in and got yourself nice and comfy.

The Beech Tree Guest House offers top of the range accommodation Coniston at extremely competitive rates and comes highly recommended by scores of satisfied travellers. Awarded four and a half stars on TripAdvisor, this lovely little hotel is ideal for a romantic break or family getaway. The Lake District Tourist Guide has all the vital info you need about accommodation Coniston, so why not get in touch at and fill out our online enquiry form?  

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Escape to the Country

You are a seasoned traveller when it comes to the Lakes as you have already visited Windermere, Ambleside and Coniston many times as they are regarded as some of the most beautiful places in the whole of the United Kingdom. These areas of unspoilt, picturesque beauty are a far cry from industrial estates in Manchester and the somewhat depressing streets of London, chock-a-block with ugly office blocks and soulless wine bars. Sure, there are some hidden gems tucked away down little alleys, but they are few and far between when you think of how gargantuan these regions are. Colossal buildings seem to dominate cities left, right and centre and you often feel as hemmed in as a battery hen. Buses, trains and mets are like cattle farms as there is no space for movement and if you are fortunate enough to actually get a seat then it is a miracle. Complaining about your misfortune falls on deaf ears as millions of people feel your pain and have to endure a lengthy, uncomfortable commute on a daily basis.

So no-one would blame you if you decided to pack up your bags and head off to Cumbria for a relaxing break away from all of the hustle and bustle. You have a copy of the Lake District Tourist Guide firmly ensconced in your back pocket, so you are all set for a fantastic weekend. Instead of booking a room in the Hideaway, Cedar Manor or Laurel Cottage like you normally do you fancy a bit of a change and have decided that Keswick B&B’s are the perfect choice. B&B’s in Keswick are situated in convenient locations yet still offer more than a modicum of peace and quiet. Dog owners find it incredibly difficult to leave their pooch behind when they go on their hols, but a lot of Keswick bed and breakfast establishments are more than happy to welcome four legged friends and provide them with treats and fuss. In fact, the Lakes in general is a canine’s paradise, as there are even walks designed for doggies and their masters as well as pooch-friendly inns and hostelries. 

Allerdale House is one of the most beautiful buildings in the entire region and offers full en-suite accommodation in Keswick at affordable prices.  This stately and majestic guesthouse is ever so warm and welcoming, and you will be absolutely bowled over by the hospitality you receive. If you are looking for first rate Keswick bed and breakfast then you cannot go far wrong as this gorgeous hotel has everything you could possibly require. For example; if you have any dietary requirements or allergies then Paul and Barbara will take this into careful consideration. The lovely staff at Allerdale will rustle up some delightful local delicacies for you to sample and you simply have to indulge in a hearty Full English to set you up for the rigours of the day. Each and every B& B Keswick sources their food from local greengrocers, butchers and markets and you can guarantee that fresh produce is far tastier than mass produced supermarket fodder.
If you want to find out more about Keswick B&B’s then just get in touch with the Lake District Tourist Guide via our online enquiry form at