Monday, 1 July 2013

Wild at Heart

"A unique park built to put animals first.
Probably Britain's best conservation park"
Everyone loves going to the zoo to visit furry, feathered and feral friends. When you are a child you badger (see what we did there?) your parents incessantly, pleading with them to take you to see all the amazing animals at various parks around the country. Remember when you went on nature trails with your dad and caught the biggest tadpole in the river? You took him home in a jar and proudly presented him to your mum, who was not all that impressed with the squidgy, slimy creature wriggling around in the water. Timmy the Tadpole turned into Freddie the Frog and you released him back into the river a little while later once the transformation was complete. No harm done!
Now you want to relive your childhood and take a trip down memory lane. If you are planning a jaunt to the Cumbrian countryside-and why not-then there are countless activities in the Lake District which cater for all requirements. Activities in the Lake District can be leisurely, such as boating and fell walking or more strenuous and physical-the ‘Go Ape’ assault course in leafy Keswick being an extremely popular choice for families and groups of chums. Hiking in the Lake District is a peaceful and enjoyable pastime and if you take heed of the advice given in the Lake District Tourist Guide then you cannot really go wrong.
For those who want to meet new pals and watch lions, rhinos and monkeys go about their daily business in their natural habitat then a visit to the South Lakes Wild Animal Park in Dalton is in order. Leave hiking in the Lake District to the oldies and go on an unforgettable adventure. The South Lakes Animal Park is the top tiger conservation centre in the whole of Europe, and these magnificent beasts stroll around the grounds like they own the place. Well; who is going to argue? There are countless creatures for you to have a gander at and you can even walk with bouncing kangaroos, and grumpy emus in the park or watch the incredibly noisy macaws squawk and screech in the trees. Pity the poor keeper who has to control the cheeky penguins and lemurs, as these naughty scamps cause so much mischief, especially at feeding time.
What are you waiting for? The Lake District Tourist Guide also has heaps of info regarding accommodation in the Lake District, so you will never be stuck for somewhere to stay. Send an email to and take a look at some of the most comfortable, picturesque guesthouses in Britain on our website. It doesn’t matter if you prefer quaint little inns; homely B&B’s or more extravagant boutique hotels, as accommodation in the Lake District suits all tastes.

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