Friday, 5 July 2013

Narrow Boat Afloat

Beautiful narrow boats can be seen on so many canals round the country and you stare with naked envy at their stunning décor and plush interiors. Sure; you can hire a barge for a week’s holiday; but just contemplate how happy you would be if you actually lived on one. Pretty cool, hey? It’s a well-known fact that people who own house boats have a positive outlook on things, as the stresses and strains of city life are not on their radar. If you live in the countryside then it is so much more peaceful and chilled out. Think of all of the positives. You are away from the hustle and bustle of town centres, where people rush around like headless chickens and push each other out of the way when they want to board a packed metro. Rural areas are scenic and pretty and you can wake up to the sound of sweet birdsong rather than the builders banging incessantly next door. Imagine if you resided on a 40-foot long narrow boat! No noisy neighbours, no screaming schoolchildren; and, most importantly, no excessive council tax bills!

There is a lovely little place in Kendal that makes gorgeous barges entirely from scratch, and you can see how the process works from start to finish. Watching how a small boat is structured before she takes to the water is simply amazing, as so much time and effort is put in. If you want to rethink your housing arrangements and take the plunge then Cumbria Narrowboats will be able to help you come up with the ideal solution- a stunning bespoke barge built to suit all specific requirements and personal preferences. And if you need a place to stay whilst your new home is being put together then The Lake District Tourist Guide has all the info you need if you are looking for plush boutique hotels in the Lake District, quaint and quirky B&B’s in the Lake District and fine dining restaurants in the Lake District. Actually, Kendal has some rather fabulous restaurants in the Lake District which pride themselves on serving the best produce from farm shops, greengrocers and award- winning butchers.

Imagine rousing from a peaceful slumber and snuggling under a warm duvet, safely ensconced in one of the most charming B&B’s in the Lake District. The Lake District Tourist Guide has so many hotels in the Lake District for you to choose from, as we cater for families, groups of walkers and couples looking for a romantic getaway. Just drop us a quick email at to find out about what is available. You are certain to recommend gourmet restaurants in the Lake District to fellow travellers, as there is something for all tastes. Diners; riverside pubs; Michelin-starred eateries; we have the lot!

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