Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Monkeying around!

Now we all remember playing on the monkey bars in our local parks and playgrounds when we younger, it was a chance for us to show off our strength and act super cool right? Playground fun is something really special, and I’m sure some of your fondest childhood memories are of the playground. If you’re thinking of a fab family holiday here in the beautiful British countryside that is the Lake District, then make sure you bring some suitable clothes and shoes because in this week’s blog by Lake District Tourist Guide we’re bringing you an adrenalin pumping and fear fighting experience also known as Go Ape! A holiday in The Lakes doesn’t have to be long walks through the emeralds and fishing in the blues, there’s just as much if not more fun to be had here in The Lake District, than on a beach down the bottom of the country, and Go Ape promises this.
There are two Go Ape adventure parks situated in The Lakes, set amongst lush green forests, with breath-taking greenery and a host of zip wires, tree-top high wires and tricky crossings, it’s fantastic for families and friends group over the age of 10. Cumbria is a place of peace and tranquillity, with stunningly located and extremely comforting hotels and B&B’s, there’s an abundance of wildlife surrounding the area; so you can be sure to discover Britain in a whole new light. If holidaying in charming Keswick is just what you need this summer, then allow Lake District Tourist Guides to bring you the best hotels, eateries and activities in the area to perfect your experience!

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