Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Ambling and Rambling in the Cumbrian Countryside

People often mistakenly think that Cumbria is a place where people go to retire from the daily grind and spend their twilight years relaxing in the countryside without a care in the world. It is also an extremely popular destination to visit if you are looking for cosy, comfortable cottages in the Lake District as there are hundreds of quaint and quirky little hotspots to while away the hours, completely at ease with your surroundings. Ambleside is renowned for its peaceful and tranquil scenery and interesting wildlife, and there are so many lovely B&B’s in Ambleside which cater for all parties. If you are looking for a romantic getaway then there is nowhere more sedate and secluded. Families can enjoy a restful sojourn in a picturesque location, and parents will relish the opportunity to let their kids run amok without complaints from the neighbours. Accommodation in Ambleside is inexpensive and homely and you are guaranteed a warm welcome wherever you go. If you reside in an overcrowded city then you will probably feel stifled and claustrophobic, so the chance to put your feet up in elegant bars with roaring log fires sounds too good to miss. Pint of ale in one hand; your preferred broadsheet in the other; what more could you ask for?

The Lake District Tourist Guide has all the information you need on where to stay if you want to find the most beautiful B&B’s in Ambleside, which do not cost an arm and a leg. Pet owners will be delighted to know that accommodation in Ambleside caters for their four legged friends; providing they are on their best behaviour; of course! If your canine companion is a good boy or girl then they will be treated with the utmost hospitality and made to feel like royalty. This is the wonderful thing about accommodation in Ambleside; no-one is left out! Dower House is a five-star guesthouse and self-catering cottage in the Lake District which is set within the 100-acre Wray Castle estate. Situated right by the lake; this gorgeous cottage in the Lake District can house up to 5 people, so you can organise a trip with your nearest and dearest safe in the knowledge that there will be room for you all. If you want to find out more about bed and breakfast in Ambleside, then please do not hesitate to consult the Lake District Tourist Guide. You can also post your queries online at

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