Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Ahoy There, Me Hearties!

Who doesn’t want to be Jack Sparrow? He is such a cool customer, and his swashbuckling skills cannot be matched by man nor beast (except maybe Zorro, but when have you ever seen him in the Caribbean?). Steering your beloved ship along the ocean and fighting baddies is every boy’s dream job, rather than being stuck in a stuffy office whilst your colleagues gobble and chew around you. You may even fancy a cheeky tot of the pirate’s favourite tipple when going about your looting and pilfering. It would be rude not to accept a swig of rum from your first mate, as this pick-me-up puts fire in your belly and sets you up for the rigours of the day. But have you ever wondered where Lamb’s Navy, Sailor Jerry’s, Gosling’s Black Seal or Havana Club originated? How does the rum-making process work? There are so many different flavours and types of the buccaneer’s preferred beverage, which can be used in culinary creations as well as being consumed neat or in a fancy cocktail such as the Mai Tai, Zombie and Cuba Libre, as well as the world-famous Mojito.
Yes, the Lakes may not seem as glam as Puerto Rico or Rio, but we have something that these places do not-rolling hills, stunning scenery and oodles of fascinating wildlife. The Lake District Tourist Guide is the only thing you need to have to hand if you want to make your stay in Cumbria eventful and memorable. As well as informing you about the finest accommodation in the Lake District it also acts as a comprehensive guide as to where you should venture if you are after the most relaxing and interesting walks in the Lake District.
If you want to embark on a real journey of discovery then a trip to the Rum Story is an absolute must. Voted the most popular Cumbrian small visitor attraction in 2007, this fantastic little place in the heart of Whitehaven takes you on a journey through all sorts of hidden nooks and crannies. From African mazes to realistic slave ships right through to courtyard cellars and Cooper’s warehouse; the Rum Story is jam packed with exciting activities and interesting facts. And afterwards you can retire to the Rosemount Guesthouse for a well-deserved lie down. As far as accommodation in the Lake District goes, this quaint and quirky boutique hotel is the finest in the region. People visit Windermere and Ambleside all year round, as walking in the Lake District is an extremely popular pastime.
The Lake District Tourist Guide also has numerous tips for dining in the Lakes, so you simply must take heed of our advice and go to info@TheLakeDistrictTouristGuide.com. For the finest gourmet extravaganzas to slap-up pub grub,-even the faddiest of critics cannot complain!

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